Thrive LIVE with Mastercard Priceless Cities February - Thrive Festival

Thrive LIVE with Mastercard Priceless Cities

THRIVE LIVE in Association with Mastercard Priceless Cities

As part of the Thrive LIVE series with Mastercard, once a month we’ll bring a morning of wellness to your own home with the leading experts in health and wellbeing from Thrive Festival and beyond.

In February we’ll be bringing you a line up of workshops and expert talks which you can explore throughout the day. We have taken some of the most important pillars of wellbeing from our events and brought the experts with us as we embark on our wellness journey.

This months line-up highlights includes a juicing workshop with Holly White and a talk on Sustainability from Pat Kane of, with these interactive talks and demos we are confident these sessions will provide value to you and your wellbeing.

Explore our line-up below and we’ll see you on Saturday February 27th from 10.00am!

We can’t wait to THRIVE LIVE with YOU!


10.00am – Session 1 – Mini Juicing Workshop with Holly White

In this mini juicing workshop Holly will teach you the basics of juicing and blending and show you how to juice and blend your own superfood smoothies at home.

Holly will be sharing:

  • Blending vs juicing – Find out the differences between juicing and blending and the different results each method produces.
  • Green drinks – Delve into the world of green drinks and discover just what they can do for your health and vitality. Learn how to make a basic green drink and how to make vegetable juices taste delicious.
  • Super nutritional smoothies – Discover smoothies that will take your health to another level using supplements and adaptogens.

10.30am – Session 2 – Sustainability and The Pandemic with Pat Kane of Reuzi

Over the past 2 years, Pat has watched with a hopeful heart an incredible transformation of our society in the fight against single-use plastics. Ireland made some good progress on banning plastic bags, shifting from single-use plastic cups and straws to paper products and compostable alternatives. A truly encouraging scenario of hard-fought victories with a bunch of real-life happy endings!

But then, COVID-19 happened… In her talk, Pat will discuss how you can continue to live you best sustainable life during this pandemic!

11.00am – Session 3 –  Beat the Bloat with Lorraine Maher of The Gut Health Clinic Blackrock

Lorraine is a specialist gut health dietitian with special interest management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). She currently runs a Gut Health Clinic at the Blackrock Clinic, focusing on helping to pinpoint gut symptoms triggers. Lorraine acknowledges that it can be hard to get your head around the ginormous supply of available nutrition information, not least in the gut health space. And when it comes to trying out restrictive diets to manage gut symptoms – you may feel like you’re slipping down a dietary rabbit hole! Lorraine holds a BSc (Hons) Human Nutrition and MSc in Dietetics. She is Low FODMAP diet accredited and is co-author of Gut Feeling, a Low FODMAP reference guide and recipe book. She guest lectures in IBS and IBD. She’ll be talking through all things bloating with us.

11.30am – Session 4 – Plant Based VS Vegan with Greg Xavier of Plant Based Ireland

Greg is a Plant Based Chef & Nutritionist, and founder of, Ireland’s leading online resource for all things plant based. He will be taking you through the basics of Plant Based Eating, covering the following:

  • Plant Based vs Vegan – Greg will outline the difference between the two, and why it matters for your health.
  • Increase Your Daily Fruit & Vegetable Intake – Simple strategies to add extra portions of vegetables & fruit to your daily eating habits. The focus should always be on what you can eat vs what you cannot.
  • Mexican Macro Bowl Recipe – Greg will demo a simple but delicious Mexican bowl that anyone with basic cooking skill can recreate at home. The recipe contains your full 5 a day vegetable portions!

12.00pm – Session 5 – Approaching your Career with Confidence with Angela Burke, The Integrative Coach

With over 11 years experience working across Recruitment & Career Consulting positions along with a post graduate qualification in Career Development & Coaching, Career Coach Angela brings a wealth of experience and understanding of the world of work. Angela uses this insight to help people navigate their professional life in a very practical and meaningful way in alignment with their personal life.

Many of us experience a lack of confidence when it comes to our work and career, but are often unsure what we can do to overcome this. Feeling more confident in our ability at work can have a huge impact on our overall career performance and satisfaction. Angela Burke, @theintegrativecoach, will help us to gain clarity on why we dread certain tasks at work, guide us through some very practical but key steps we can take in order to approach our work and career with more confidence and encourage us to take control of our career.

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