Thrive LIVE with Mastercard Priceless Cities December - Thrive Festival

Thrive LIVE with Mastercard Priceless Cities

THRIVE LIVE in Association with Mastercard Priceless Cities

As part of the Thrive LIVE series with Mastercard, once a month we’ll bring a morning of wellness to your own home with the leading experts in health and wellbeing from Thrive Festival and beyond.

In December we’ll be bringing you a holistic line up of wellness sessions which you can explore throughout the day. We have taken some of the most important pillars of wellbeing from our events and brought the experts with us as we embark on our wellness journey.

From Classic Pilates to nourishing cookery demos and interactive talks we know these sessions will provide value to you and your wellbeing.

Explore our line-up below and we’ll see you on Sunday December 13th from 10.30am!

We can’t wait to THRIVE LIVE with YOU!



10.30am- Sunday Session 1 – Open Level Classical Pilates Class with Vlada Korolova of The Pilates Studio Dublin

Recharge your body & mind on a Sunday morning with Pilates! Pilates method offers a great conditioning opportunity for everyday life challenges. You will work on strengthening & mobilising the muscles of your whole frame – back, stomach, ribcage, bottom & hips. Beginner-friendly class with lesser & more challenging exercise options throughout.
NB Set Up Instructions: You will need a very thick mat or blanket & towel to lie on (if using a thin yoga mat, please pad it with a towel or blanket underneath). Please also have a large hand towel ready.

11am- Sunday Session 2 – Beat the Bloat with Lorraine Maher of The Gut Health Clinic Blackrock

Lorraine is a specialist gut health dietitian with special interest management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). She currently runs a Gut Health Clinic at the Blackrock Clinic, focusing on helping pinpoint gut symptoms triggers. Lorraine acknowledges that it can be hard to get your head around the ginormous supply of available nutrition information, not least in the gut health space. And when it comes to trying out restrictive diets to manage gut symptoms – you may feel like you’re slipping down a dietary rabbit hole! Frankly every day we’re told something a bit different but Lorraine’s approach will ensure that evidence triumph’s over opinion. Lorraine holds a BSc (Hons) Human Nutrition and MSc in Dietetics. She is Low FODMAP diet accredited and is co-author of Gut Feeling, a Low FODMAP reference guide and recipe book. She guest lectures in IBS and IBD. She recently developed the bespoke Intuitive IBS programme, a 4 session intervention which aims to tailor and merge the most suitable and effective evidence-based interventions to allow you to dominate your condition. She’ll be talking through all things gut with us.

11.30am- Sunday Session 3 – Eating Mindfully with Aisling Larkin

Aisling believes that in order to bring back the joy of food to our lives we need to relearn the art and science of eating. Her approach is based in ancient wisdoms of Buddhist philosophy, the psychology of behaviour change and the physiology of eating. All of which is now backed by over a decade of scientific research.

As one of only a handful of people in Europe trained in the MB-EAT programme some of Aisling’s core tenants of mindful eating include: no more restriction or deprivation but eating for satiety, tuning into our inner hunger cues and outer wisdoms, cooking with umami and how awareness, discernment and self-nourishment can be the key to real sustainable change for our relationship with food.

Aisling will be talking us through intuitive eating and will demo her Italian Flatbreads with Garlic Prawns, Sweet Red Peppers & Mozzarella recipe during the session. Find the recipe here

12pm- Sunday Session 4 – All Things CBD with Full Circle Hemp

Prema & Ajeet from The Full Circle Hemp family invite you to join them for a chat about all things CBD. It’s their passion and they love sharing the amazing benefits of this incredible plant. They’ll be talking about how the body produces it’s own endocannabinoids and how supplementing with CBD can give a much-needed boost to the system. They will cover the importance of relaxation and bringing the body into homeostasis, dealing with stress and anxiety, post-workout recovery, skin issues and how to use CBD in your food and drinks.

12.30 pm – Sunday Session 5 – Taking Back Control with

‘Taking Back Control’ talk will focus on the concept of Digital Wellbeing and why it is fundamental to your performance and overall well-being and will equip you with the techniques necessary to build a better relationship with technology and begin to take back control.


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