Thrive LIVE with Mastercard Priceless Cities April - Thrive Festival

Thrive LIVE with Mastercard Priceless Cities

THRIVE LIVE in Association with Mastercard Priceless Cities

As part of the Thrive LIVE series with Mastercard, once a month we’ll bring a morning of wellness to your own home with the leading experts in health and wellbeing from Thrive Festival and beyond. In April we’ll be bringing you a line-up which includes a total body Pilates workout with Audrey O’Connor and Super Smoothies from Nichola Flood. 

Explore our line-up below and we’ll see you on Saturday April 24th from 10.00am!

We can’t wait to THRIVE LIVE with YOU!


10.00am – Session 1 – How to Start a Wellness Business with Vicky Shilling

If you adore keeping healthy and spend more time researching, reading up and geeking out on all things wellness than on your ‘real’ job then you may well have considered making a career out of it. Vicky will take you through the 5 things you need to do if you want to turn the passion for health into a side-hustle or more, with practical advice and straight talking truths about starting your own wellness business. 

10.30am – Session 2 –  Super Smoothies with Nichola Flood

Nichola Flood, The Queen of Health, is an author and Health & Nutrition Coach. Nichola’s holistic approach to health and lifestyle helps women lose weight, regain energy and live life to the fullest. Her methodology priorities the individual needs of the client with an emphasis on long-term and sustainable lifestyle change.

In her demo Nichola will be showing us along how to create 3 of her famous #Funky5 smoothies which are nutritional power houses to equip your body on busy manic days, busy workouts and life’s stressful situations.

11.00am – Session 3 –  The Power of Habits with Maria Curran

Maria Curran is an accredited Life and Executive Coach. Maria has a business background, she has founded several successful businesses. After experiencing burnout in her own professional life, she went on a journey of self-discovery, during which time she learnt how to manage her stress, became a Reiki Master, learnt how to detach through meditation and immersed herself in learning about how effective habits can change your life.

In this 30 minutes you will learn the fundamentals of habits, how they work, how to build good habits and break away from old habits that are not serving you well. This will be an interactive Instagram live where you will be asked to participate, so please have your pen and paper ready!

11.30am – Session 4 – Total Body Pilates with Audrey O’Connor

Audrey is an experienced Pilates practitioner that truly believes that once you incorporate Pilates into your weekly routine, it becomes part of your lifestyle and you move better and feel better. 

This Pilates class is a total body workout designed to mobilise, enhance flexibility, strengthen, sculpt and tone using carefully selected Pilates exercises. In this fun class you will fire up your core and glutes, and really engage the muscles that support your posture and alignment. She will help you feel muscles you never knew you had and will make you feel at ease from the moment you step on the mat. We welcome all levels to this mat class. 

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