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Daniella Moyles is a registered yoga and meditation teacher, certified in nutritional science and lifestyle medicine. She is currently undertaking a degree in psychotherapist and counselling, working closely with The Stress Management Institute of Ireland. She has travelled to 84 countries around the world, living in Mexico and Bali, devouring a wide variety of holistic wellness practices as she roamed. Daniella is extremely passionate about nervous system regulation and the practices that empower people to activate that much needed relaxation response.

Class description:

Yin is a deeply restorative and relaxing style of yoga, accessible to seasoned or new yogis alike. Its practice is much slower and more passive than a typical vinyasa class. Postures are held comfortably with props for 3 – 5 minutes. It is an amazing tool for the deep release of muscle tension, cultivating the ability to surrender to what is and the surfacing of emotion held within our bodies for far too long, creating new space for healing and vitality.

Instagram: @daniellamoyles