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Original from South Africa I arrived in Ireland to follow my passion in health and fitness, I’ve been working 17 years in various sectors of the industry untill i found my true calling and qualified as a Neuromuscular Physical Therapist in 2014, since then I’ve worked with Anne Sexton Pilates, Greystones Tennis Club, Greystones Athletic Club, Rathdrum Rugby Club until i opened up my own practice at Shoreline Sports Park Charlesland.

I provide safe and effective treatment for chronic and acute soft tissue and muscular pain, injury and soft tissue dysfunction using myofascial trigger point therapy, muscle activation techniques and myofascial release techniques to correct old postural holding patterns allowing neuromuscular and musculoskeletal systems to function at a higher level.

Matthew Cox NMT

Phone: 0879500262


Facebook: @mattcoxpainandinjury

To book your appointment with Matthew at THRIVE 2020 please contact him directly via email at 

There will be a 25% THRIVE Festival discount on all treatments – for price enquiries please contact the therapist directly.