Our 2019 Festival Partners - Thrive Festival

Our 2019 Festival Partners

  • Symprove is a water-based multi-strain supplement that contains four unique varieties of live activated bacteria. These include L rhamnosus, E. faecium, L. acidophilus, and L. plantarum. Normally a healthy gut would already contain all four of these, along with many other types of bacteria. Diet and lifestyle can cause these to become unbalanced. Maintaining a healthy balance of bacteria in the gut is the key to good digestive health. Inside a typical intestine, billions of active bacteria work together in a special symbiotic relationship to both maintain general health as well as basic physiological processes such as breaking down food. In today’s fast-paced environment it is easy to disrupt the balance of bacteria in the gut with an irregular diet, a course of antibiotics or just the general stresses of everyday life. Symprove, an innovative, water-based supplement, backed by 25 years of science and research, can help restore this balance. […]
  • ACTIPH Water is the UK’s first alkaline ionised bottled water. Through a unique ionisation process, purified water and a blend of electrolytes are supercharged to create a smooth and clean tasting alkaline water with a pH of 9.0+. ACTIPH is the healthy choice as you restore and maintain your natural balance, enabling you to live life to the fullest and get the most out of every day. www.actiphwater.com Find ACTIPH on social: Instagram, Facebook. Twitter, YouTube & LinkedIn
  • Just Eat is Ireland’s leading digital marketplace for online food ordering and delivery. Just Eat enables customers to search for their favourite local takeaway restaurants and place orders online or via its free mobile app. Choice is key for Just Eat customers, and the app now has over 2,100 takeaway restaurants online across 40 cuisine types including healthy options such as paleo, gluten free, Thai, Japanese and Hawaiian, to name a few. So whether you wish to order a healthy lunch to the office during the week or treat yourself to a more traditional takeaway at home at the weekend, Just Eat is the go-to app for the biggest and most diverse range of food available to order for delivery. Find your flavour on the Just Eat app. https://www.just-eat.ie/
  • KIND makes healthy and tasty snacks with simple, wholesome ingredients that are good for your body, your taste buds and your world. With KIND you can enjoy something delicious AND feel good about your decision. You don’t have to deprive or punish yourself in order to be healthy and you don’t need to regret your indulgence later. KIND believes that one kind action can change someone’s day, which is why our mission is to spread KINDness one snack and one act at a time.   www.kindsnacks.com Find KIND Snacks on social: Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter
  • We are an Irish-designed athleisure clothing company and a growing community of people who actively Make Life Richer: Welcome to Gym+Coffee! Launched in 2017, Gym+Coffee has grown from makers of hoodies, t-shirts & leggings, to collaborating on events, launching maps and hosting Weekend Adventures (and we still have the best hoodies). We are as much about the products we create as we are about the people who wear them + the things they do in them. We believe in frosty morning runs and warm hoodies. We recommend devouring ice cream cones after a mountain hike. We like to leave our muddy boots on the back porch and slip inside for flat whites and stretchy leggings. Get out there. Do cool things. Do them with your pals and a coffee in your mitt. Gym+Coffee. Simple. Gympluscoffee.com Find Gym + Coffee on social: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  • Activia, the popular yogurt brand from Danone, with live cultures, exceptional taste, and smooth texture will bring its brand new look to Thrive festival this March. Activia is the delicious way to look after your gut health* and we believe that feeling goodstarts from the inside. THRIVE Cookery Stage with Activia  Activia will collaborate Thrive’s top chefs to incorporate their newly reformulated smooth, delicious Activia range to produce fantastic healthy recipes throughout the weekend. These recipes will be part of the Activia mission to support gut health* and help educate consumers about how they can make healthy recipes right at home. Just in case you miss the cookery demonstrations, not to worry, as there will be a range of delicious samples right beside the main cookery stage. *Activia contains calcium, which contributes to the normal function of digestive enzymes Find Activia on social: Facebook Visit the website to learn more: www.danoneactivia.co.uk
  • W.K.Kellogg is a new, plant powered cereals and snacks health brand. This exciting and diverse range includes no added sugar options, is high in fibre, vegan and contains no artificial colours, flavours or palm oil. We will be sharing samples of some of our 4 core flavours of WK Kellogg at Thrive. Our best seller, No added sugar Coconut & Cashew granola Our first ever cereal with vegetables – no added sugar apple, carrot and raspberry granola The delicious cocoa and hazelnut granola, a rich chocolately taste with no added sugar! No added sugar simply granola- a granola base for you to customise with your favourite fresh fruit and toppings As well as tasting good and being good for you, we do good! For every single cereal pack of W.K Kellogg sold, we donate 10c to projects that promote sustainable agriculture and provide breakfast for those in need. *WK Kellogg […]
  • Fibre Misery guts – we can all be one… But what if it’s because our actual gut isn’t getting what it needs? The Happy Gut range which includes All Bran, Bran Flakes and Fruit’n’Fibre, uses superior wheat bran fibre to fuel a happy gut for a healthy you. The Kellogg’s #HelloHappyGuts Challenge Kellogg’s challenges you to learn more about the importance of your gut health by introducing more fibre into your diet. 4 out of 5 Irish adults don’t meet their daily fibre recommendation. To help you on your journey, we are giving away five #HelloHappyGuts hampers. These include the Kellogg’s Happy Gut Range, Hazel Wallace’s book, ‘The Food Medic: Recipes & Fitness for a Healthier, Happier You’, and a selection of delicious foods, juices and snacks! To be in with a chance to win a Hello Happy Guts Hamper… Show us how you are including the Happy Gut range […]
  • O’Callaghan Collection have 4 stylish 4 star deluxe hotels at the heart of Dublin city centre. Following on from a multi-million euro transformation over the last year, the hotels address the modern day travellers appetite to have a new type of hotel experience whether that be with beautifully designed, high tech bedrooms, healthy and innovative menus or a dedicated fully kitted out fitness facility. Choose between The Alex, The Davenport, The Green or The Mont opening in July 2019. Each Of hotels are situated in convenient locations, providing a comfortable resting spot just minutes from the heart of the action. Each hotel has its own unique identity, with special features like work hubs, cocktail bars and specialty restaurants carefully chosen with the needs of our guests in mind. From meeting rooms to suit every event, both business and leisure, to fully equipped gyms, we aim to give all our guests […]