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14th March 2018

5 Dublin Walks Ideal for the Weekend

Looking for something to blow away the cobwebs this bank holiday weekend? Why not try some of these well loved walks in Dublin! Howth Cliff Walk Easily accessible from the city centre, the Howth Cliff Walk is one of the most picturesque walking trails in Dublin.  This trail takes in everything Howth has to offer from blustery coast to inland meadows. Catch glimpses of the ruins of 15th-century abbeys, look over the bays of Dublin and if the day is clear you may even see the distant Mourne Mountains in Co. Down. After your 6km walk, you can cosy up beside the fire with a pint or indulge in some seafood in one of the villages many fine seafood establishments. Bushy Park Covering over 20 hectares, Bushy Park sits alongside the tranquil Dodder River in Terenure. The park has woodland walks, ornamental ponds, and areas catering for football, tennis, and […]
15th November 2018

Looking Forward: 2019 Health Trends

As we come towards the end of 2018, we turn our attention to the new year and look forward to 2019! 2018 saw the resurgence of boxing, an explosion of exercises such as HIIT (high-intensity interval training) as well as turmeric sneaking its way into every food imaginable (even our lattes!). So what’s coming? Here are our predictions below!   Trend #1 Shorter Workouts In 2018 with the popularity of HIIT gyms offering compact workouts we should expect even more versions of these next year. Many fitness specialists see HIIT workout classes becoming shorter and shorter. The rationale behind this is that if you do your 15/20 minute workout right, that is really all that is needed! Where do we sign up?!   Trend #2 Mobile Friendly Studios and Trainers Increasingly gyms and studios are adapting to the busy lives of their customers. This means that they are becoming more […]
6th February 2019

How to Start Cooking from Scratch with Sinead Delahunty

Today on the blog, physiotherapist, Gaelic footballer, food Blogger and author – Sinéad Delahunty shares her top tips for how to start cooking from scratch! Start Small Breakfast is a great meal to start with. Not only will you start the day with a meal made from scratch but you can even plan ahead and make breakfast the night before, think of overnight oats or a smoothie. For quick breakfast options try porridge, scrambled eggs, homemade granola or an omelette.  Stay Consistent Consistency creates a routine which in turn builds a way of life. Start with one meal or one day a week and focus on creating meals from scratch. The road to any goal is never straight or easy so always remember why you want to start cooking or change the way you currently eat or live. Make a Plan It’s easy to get lost without a map. Likewise stay […]
12th February 2019

Improving Your Eating Habits With Food Flicker

When it comes to consistently eating a nutritious diet there is more to think about than just macronutrients and counting calories. I have found that practical tips and insights are fundamental to improving eating behaviour and maintaining good eating habits. The aim is to make the process of eating good food an enjoyable experience so that people can achieve their health or fitness goals. Today Daniel Davey of Food Flicker shares with us his 5 top tips for improving your eating habits! Food preparation at its best Food preparation comes in many forms. It doesn’t just mean batch cooking or pre-chopping vegetables and freezing them, although you can do that too. Food prep can focus on the areas that you find the most challenging in your diet to try and create solutions. For example, breakfast was something I was not consistent with but when I focused on preparing breakfast options like overnight […]