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14th March 2018

5 Dublin Walks Ideal for the Weekend

Looking for something to blow away the cobwebs this bank holiday weekend? Why not try some of these well loved walks in Dublin! Howth Cliff Walk Easily accessible from the city centre, the Howth Cliff Walk is one of the most picturesque walking trails in Dublin.  This trail takes in everything Howth has to offer from blustery coast to inland meadows. Catch glimpses of the ruins of 15th-century abbeys, look over the bays of Dublin and if the day is clear you may even see the distant Mourne Mountains in Co. Down. After your 6km walk, you can cosy up beside the fire with a pint or indulge in some seafood in one of the villages many fine seafood establishments. Bushy Park Covering over 20 hectares, Bushy Park sits alongside the tranquil Dodder River in Terenure. The park has woodland walks, ornamental ponds, and areas catering for football, tennis, and […]
11th January 2019

Does More Sweat Mean a Better Workout?

People have long regarded the sweat levels of exercise sessions as a sign of how HARD they trained and how much they were pushing themselves, but turns out, you could be wrong…How much we sweat during exercise doesn’t correlate with the intensity of your workout or how many calories you smashed. Sweating occurs when the temperature rises and your 2-4 MILLION sweat glands jump to action making perspiration. It is our body’s natural way of lowering body temperature. Some sweat evaporates from your skin, taking heat with it. The remainder runs down your face and body. You feel hotter when there are high humidity levels as the wet air leaves less room for sweat to evaporate off your skin. Sweating can also be due to other stresses, fear or anxiety, but in terms of exercise, increased body temperature is the reason you sweat. How much we sweat during exercise is due […]
11th January 2019

Finding the Right Yoga for You!

Yoga…sometimes this term can strike fear into a beginner’s mind but don’t worry – Today on the blog we decode the some of the most popular yoga styles to help you decide which one suits you best! Many yogi masters note that yoga is the practice of intention. But what does that mean? Your intention or reason for practicing yoga is unique to YOU! It can be anything from wanting to become more mindful to relieving pain, yoga is a unique form of exercise. We explain 5 yoga styles below… Hatha Yoga Rather than being a style of yoga, Hatha is a general term that encompasses any of the physical styles of yoga. These classes are often a great place to start yoga as they provide an introduction to the basic poses in a relaxed setting. The word Hatha is the Sanskrit word for ‘Forceful’. The Sanskrit word Ha translates to ‘sun’ and […]
7th December 2018

Cold Weather Workouts…Worth It?

As the weather gets colder and colder, we often are deterred from going outside. However, there are benefits to working out outside. As we see it, no matter the time of year taking in fresh air is good for your body! See some reasons below as to why a cold weather workout can be positive. Mood Improves Exercising outdoors in winter can battle against emotional and physical distress that winter brings such as lethargy and low mood. When we stay active in winter we generate endorphins post-workout that can give you that mood boost to get you through the day. Exposure to Vitamin D As we spend less time outside in winter, our bodies get less vitamin D which is essential for us to absorb calcium and promote bone growth. By getting active outside in winter we can take in small doses of sunlight which will not only make you happy but will […]