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20th March 2019

Fiona’s Nutterly Nutritious 3 Ingredient Paleo Pancakes

Fiona’s Nutterly Nutritious is an award-winning premium Irish range of 100% natural Activated (sprouted) and Roasted Nut Butters. All of Fiona’s products are “free from” and are suitable for vegan, vegetarian, dairy free, coeliac lifestyles. Jam packed full of good fats, an A-Z of essential vitamins and minerals, Nutterly Nutritious products are a great source of protein. #itsallgood! Ingredients: 100g of almond butter 3 small bananas 3 eggs Method: Blend everything together in a food processor. Fry in coconut oil or butter on low heat for 1-2 minutes a side. Makes about 20 pancakes, 3 inches diameter. Pimp them as you see fit! Find Fiona’s Nutterly Nutritious at the THRIVE marketplace this March!
1st January 2019

Thrive Festival…What’s It All About?

What makes Thrive Festival unique is that the day is built by YOU, tailoring your experiences and matching to your goals. Choose up to 5 experiences over 20 stages of fitness, talks, demonstrations, nutrition, mindfulness and wellness… Step 1: Buy Entry Ticket Choose your day and program Are you an early riser or do you enjoy a weekend snooze? We’ve got you covered Thrive Festival has 2 programs per day 8.30-3pm or 12.30-7pm So decide what day and time suits you best – if like us you love all things fitness and wellness why not come both Saturday and Sunday? Buy your ticket at   Step 2: Book Your Sessions Ok – so you’ve purchased your entry ticket, what next? Thrive Festival is unique – you pre-book in advance all the sessions you want to attend. This ensures you have an authentic workout or wellness experience. Every session is 40 […]
15th March 2019

Food Flicker’s Spicy Baked Eggs, Beef and Beans

Daniel Davey is the founder of the online recipe and nutrition platform FoodFlicker. He is a performance nutritionist who works with elite GAA and professional Rugby teams as well as athletes in other sports including golf, hockey, athletics and cycling. Today Food Flicker shares with us his recipe for Spicy Baked Eggs, Beef and Beans! If you are looking for a tasty rest day meal for dinner this is a great option. High in protein, healthy fats and loads of fibre from the beans and vegetables. The chilli gives a really great kick to the dish but you can of course leave it out if you don’t like your food spicy! Ingredients 300 g beef mince, lean 1 Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil 1 onion, chopped 1 red chilli, finely chopped 1 green chilli, finely chopped 300 g beans 500 g chopped tomatoes Small head of broccoli , chopped 5 mushrooms, […]
15th March 2019

Green Goddess Cocktail

Happy St Patrick’s Day! For the weekend that’s in it –  Why not have a go at this Green Goddess Cocktail  💚8 ounces vodka 💚1 teaspoon or 1 bag green tea 💚½ cup sugar 💚2 cups (packed) rocket 💚1 English cucumber 💚1 jalapeño, quartered, seeded 💚4 ounces fresh lemon juice 💚Mint sprigs (for serving) 1. Combine vodka and tea in a jar. Cover and let infuse overnight. Strain through a fine-mesh sieve into a small bowl; cover and chill. 2. Bring sugar and ⅓ cup water to a boil, stirring to dissolve sugar. Remove from heat, add rocket, and stir until wilted. Cover and let syrup steep 5 minutes, then strain into a small bowl;cover and chill for one hour. 3. Cut 12 thin slices from cucumber; set aside. 4. For each cocktail, finely grate one-fourth of remaining cucumber directly into a cocktail shaker. Add a piece of jalapeño and muddle until […]
19th March 2019

Your Plan To THRIVE

Thrive Festival is less than two weeks away and with something for everyone, from Fitness Fanatic to the more holistic Wellness Warrior we’re sure that you’re going to get so much out of the day! To help you narrow down what you want to get out of the festival we’ve come up with two suggested timetables but there’s so much more to choose from, so check out the timetables on the website What makes the festival unique is that you pre-book your day in advance so you can get the most of our your ticket! Included in your ticket are 5x FREE experiences – all you have to do is secure your spot! Doors open at 8:30am with the first session starting at 9:30am so get there early and grab your breakfast from our vendors in the THRIVE Marketplace.  There’s coffee, Kombucha and plenty of delicious healthy snacks For the […]
20th March 2019

Granola Oat Bread – Maria Lucia Bakes

Maria Lucia Bakes is an award-winning cereal company that started with a passion for healthy home baked foods. Their products are made with high-quality ingredients and baked in small batches. Maria Lucia Bakes has a range of gluten-free granolas which are high in fibre and low in salt and sugar. All of their products are clean label. They will be joining us in the THRIVE Marketplace this March 30th & 31st  More than just bread! Expect to be completely satisfied after just one slice. Hearty, filling & tasty! Ingredients 260g jumbo gluten free oats (can use oat flakes) 320g MLB Ancient Grains Granola 45g milled flaxseed (can use milled linseed) 3 tablespoons of chia seeds 1 teaspoon of Himalayan pink salt 2 tablespoons of honey 500ml water Coconut oil Method Stir all of the above ingredients into a big bowl. Oil a loaf pan Then, whisk up the wet ingredients in […]