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23rd September 2018

Autumn Walks You Have to Try in Dublin

Autumn is well and truly here, so it’s time to guide you on the best places to see the leaves turn across Dublin Howth Cliff Walk Easily accessible from the city centre, the Howth Cliff Walk is one of the most picturesque walking trails in Dublin.  This trail takes in everything Howth has to offer from blustery coast to inland meadows. Catch glimpses of the ruins of 15th-century abbeys, look over the bays of Dublin and if the day is clear you may even see the distant Mourne Mountains in Co. Down. After your 6km walk, you can cosy up beside the fire with a pint or indulge in some seafood in one of the villages many fine seafood establishments. Bushy Park Covering over 20 hectares, Bushy Park sits alongside the tranquil Dodder River in Terenure. The park has woodland walks, ornamental ponds, and areas catering for football, tennis, and boules. […]
29th September 2018

Top Tips for Mindfulness at Work

What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique. See our top tips below for practicing mindfulness at work. Start the day right Though getting up a little earlier isn’t ideal for those of us who love a lie in, getting a few minutes of quiet and calm before the day launches ahead is one of the best ways to start your morning. Handy apps such as Headspace, Calm or Aura provide timed tutorials which allow you to be quiet and still.   Unclutter your workstation If you have a messy workspace it promotes distraction, stress and has the potential to create a negative state of mind. Simply making your workstation a tidier, more organised space will help you be more mindful, focused and efficient. A […]
2nd October 2018

The Origin of Pilates

As a part of our ‘Origin’ series we will discuss how some of the most popular exercise types came to into the mainstream. Today we talk about Pilates and its foundations in  20th century Germany Joseph Pilates was born in Germany in 1883. As a child he suffered from asthma and various other ailments. Joseph used exercise and athletics to battle these problems and was constantly studying exercise regimens to expand his knowledge. While learning about exercise he became interested in the classical Greek ideas of a man balanced in body, mind and spirit and began developing his own exercise system based on this concept. At the age of 29 he went to England to train detectives in Scotland Yard in self-defence. At the outbreak of WW1 he was interned as an ‘enemy alien’ along with other German nationals. During this time he refined his ideas and trained other internees […]
16th October 2018

#WorldFoodDay Tips for a Sustainable Diet

As we celebrate  #WorldFoodDay on October 16th we discuss some tips on the blog on how you can adopt a more sustainable diet and help the environment! Get more fruit & veg! Choosing to eat more plant-based food is one sure fire way to ensure a sustainable diet. Fruit and vegetables are packed with vitamins and minerals and come with low impact on the environment. This is one of the WWF’s ‘Livewell Principles’ for healthy low carbon eating. Eat with the seasons Many of the fruit and vegetables available to us nowadays in our supermarkets are flow from all corners of the globe. To reduce our carbon footprint and be more sustainable, try to eat locally and with the seasons. Find Bord Bia’s advice here on seasonal fruits and vegetables. Try #MeatlessMondays Meatless Monday is an international movement to help people reduce their meat consumption. The movement suggests that leaving […]