Blog - Thrive Festival
1st January 2019

Thrive Festival…What’s It All About?

What makes Thrive Festival unique is that the day is built by YOU, tailoring your experiences and matching to your goals. Choose up to 5 experiences over 20 stages of fitness, talks, demonstrations, nutrition, mindfulness and wellness… Step 1: Buy Entry Ticket Choose your day and program Are you an early riser or do you enjoy a weekend snooze? We’ve got you covered Thrive Festival has 2 programs per day 8.30-3pm or 12.30-7pm So decide what day and time suits you best – if like us you love all things fitness and wellness why not come both Saturday and Sunday? Buy your ticket at   Step 2: Book Your Sessions Ok – so you’ve purchased your entry ticket, what next? Thrive Festival is unique – you pre-book in advance all the sessions you want to attend. This ensures you have an authentic workout or wellness experience. Every session is 40 […]
11th February 2019

Energising Your Body Clock For The Best Sleep with Deirdre O’Connor

Today on the blog Integrative Sleep Therapist and founder of the Deep Sleep Clinic, Deirdre O’Connor shares her tips on how to energize your body clock for the best sleep Deirdre says: One thing to know about me is that I love my sleep. I mean Really. Love. My. Sleep. Just like you probably. And just like you I have spent many nights awake wondering if this is how it’s going to be for the rest of my life. Because nothing will put me in a bad mood like a bad sleep can.  Nothing feels like it has the capacity to make my whole day turn to s**t like a night of tossing and turning. And I’m guessing it’s like that for a lot of you too. Because of my deep appreciation and absolute gratefulness for the sweet elixir of sleep, I have spent the last decade honing and refining the skill of sleep, and […]
11th February 2019

Holly White Tips For Personal Wellbeing

We want to help you on your way to optimal wellness this February so we have grabbed the top tips and tricks from some of our amazing speakers, chefs and instructors who will be at Thrive! Every day we will post tips from our yogis, pilates instructors, foodies and speakers! Who’s in? Today author, blogger and broadcaster, Holly White shares her top tips for personal wellbeing Adopt a regular sleep routine They say the hours before 12 are worth twice those after and I honestly think this is true. Switch of all devices One new habit I am trying to take into the new year is to not look at my phone for an hour before bed in the evening and for the first hour of every morning. Simple, not easy, but I do feel the benefit Cultivate your feeds I think a little Marie Kondo assessment on social media […]
18th February 2019

The Gut Stuff’s Tips For Gut Health

Today Gut experts, the Gut Stuff shares their top tips for Gut Health Food Diary This is NOT for calorie counting but to monitor what you’re eating and “tuning in” to look for patterns, try taking things out and putting them back in and see what happens. Record poops and symptoms and how you feel – this is always great too, if you do have issues, as you can  take your ready made journal to a nutritionist/dietician/GP. We all live such fast paced lives, we rarely actually ask ourselves and ‘how am I today?’ De-Stress There’re SO MANY studies coming out showing that stress and anxiety can have a direct affect on our microbiome. The links with gut health and mental health really are extraordinary, from what we understood before, the vagus nerve (the neural connection between the gut and the brain) could only send signals from the brain to the gut, butterflies in our stomachs from nerves etc, but […]
19th February 2019

BUNALUN Organic’s Ice-Cream Recipe

BUNALUN Organic is one of Ireland’s leading organic brands celebrating their 20th year of business. Ingredients are grown sustainably to protect the land and environment, delivering to you 100% natural foods free of additives, preservatives and GMO – perfect for truly healthy eating. BUNALUN Organic’s Ice-Cream With Hot Berry Sauce & Crunchy Almond Chocolate Corn Cake Crumble Ingredients Serves 4 125 G Almonds, unskinned 15 ML BUNALUN Organic honey 4 BUNALUN Organic milk chocolate crunchy corn cakes Pinch sea salt flakes 1 X 300G box BUNALUN frozen mixed berries Juice 1 lemon BUNALUN organic chocolate Ice-Cream alternative Method Preheat an oven to 180°C Empty the Berries into a small saucepan, add the honey and lemon juice, bring to the boil then summer over low heat until fruit starts to break down. Strain whole fruit and set aside. Return the pan to the heat and simmer over medium heat until the […]